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Leather Tote Bag
  • $94.90
Leather Tote Bag with front pocket
  • $104.95
Leather Tote Bag with front pocket
  • $104.95
Leather Tote Bag with front pocket
  • $104.95
Women Leather Backpack
  • $195.00

Stylish large leather bags

The bigger the bag the better because it’s always great to have everything you need at hand! Leather tote bags are functional assistants created with care for active fashionistas. These accessories are literally designed to fill the everyday routine with style and comfort. Their sturdy handles, contemporary design, and uncompromising spaciousness make these bags the perfect companions for shopping sprees, office trips, or walks with kids. An exclusive combination of luxurious materials and well-thought-out design help fit the leather tote bag equally favorably into both business and romantic looks. Our accessories are synonymous with impeccable taste.

Advantages of our tote bags

  1. Premium quality. The tote bags are sewn out of ultradurable and yet soft and flexible leather. All the accessories are fastened with a zipper and reliably protect the contents from falling out during wearing.
  2. Functional design. The neat strap handles ensure comfortable wearing, and the accent metal fittings turn the minimalist bag into a stylish and charismatic accessory.
  3. Exclusive solutions. The ability to choose your own leather shade allows you to personalize your accessory. The noble shades of the palette make the product look sophisticated and expensive. In addition, each tote bag is hand-sewn by our leather workers and automatically becomes unique and unparalleled.
  4. Convenient dimensions. The optimal dimensions of the bags make them as comfortable as possible for everyday wear. Their spaciousness will be indispensable during shopping, commuting, or studying. The bag will provide enough space for everything you need: books, a laptop, notes, important documents, a makeup bag.

Order leather tote bags on our website and make sure that they can easily fit your whole life.